Anglespit shoot new music video at the Altostratus Penthouse (18+ Uncensored Version)

FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. The views and opinions expressed in the following presentation are not necessarily those shared by Angelspit, its employees or affiliates.

Video Directed/Produced by Tamas MesmerĀ

The song ‘Toxic Girl’ is written and performed by AngelspitĀ ANGELSPIT.NET

Altostratus said..Tamas is a film genius in the making, he doesn’t take himself seriously at all but always produces outstanding original and in this case quite shocking and unique work and for me this music video is a cult classic.

It’s always that much more impressive when someone makes it look so easy. I Love the music video and the squeamish bits.

I did look forward to seeing the finished video as all i saw when they came up to do it was the sex toy and a gun and was told the plot was that he would be getting drunk, sniffing cocaine and then shooting himself.

Does the man that shoots himself in the apartment look like Daniel Craig a little?

I really hope there is more from Angelspit and Tamas in this genre.