Location Charges

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Location Hire Fee

You determine the price you want to offer the location owner based on the type of location, number of hours hire, total number of people in attendance and the intended use of the images/film.

The price should also include our Agents Fee (below).

It is then up to the location owner to accept, decline or counter-offer your offer.

Agents Fee

Please remember to include our Agents Fee in your Offer Price. We do not charge VAT on our Agents Fee.


Stills – from £200 per day.


Filming – from £250 per day.

Making a Booking

Step 1. Decide on your offer price.

Step 2. Click “Get Availability / Make an Offer” at the top of each location page.

Step 3. Fill in the quick 1-minute form.

Step 4. We pass your offer onto the location owner and get back to you ASAP with their response.

+ Extras

Overtime (if agreed by the Location Owner) is twice the pro-rata hourly rate.

Recces – Recces are charged a minimum of £100 which is deductible from our Agency Fee if the shoot proceeds. We can send any questions you may have to the location owner before the recce takes place.

+ Damage Deposit

You will be required to pay the location owner a cash damage deposit on the day of the shoot at the start. This will be a minimum £300 depending on the location. Assuming there has been no damage, the location owner will return the deposit at the end of the shoot once they have confirmed to the owner’s satisfaction that the location has not been damaged and any outstanding fees have been paid i.e any overtime for example.

+ Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is required in all instances at all our locations. For small business photographers/videographers it is usually reasonably priced.


On some Locations there might be VAT added to the Location Hire Fees and any overtime or extension. If a Location charges VAT it will be stated on the locations page on our site.

Please kindly note: Our Agents Fee is payable upfront at the time of booking when you have decided to proceed and is non-refundable.

Agents Fees are always paid directly to us and Location Hire Fees are paid directly to the Location Owner.

As per our T&Cs you must pay our Agents Fee every time you use the location or all copyright created during the shoot shall vest in Altostratus Locations.