Lighting and Equipment.

Altostratus has the following lighting and camera equipment: Rates shown are for non commercial image usage.

Lighting Equipment Kit  4 Hours  8 Hours
All the Lighting Equipment below**. 50 100
2 * Elinchrom RX600 Style Flash Heads (Operating Manual)
Elinchrom Wireless RX Speed Triggers
Elinchrom 44cm Silver Beauty Dish
Elinchrom Reflectors (16cm, 20cm)
Elinchrom Umbrellas (Translucent and Silver)
Elinchrom 66cm Portalite Softbox
Elinchrom Air Cushioned Stands
Elinchrom Snoot
Elinchrom 21cm Barndoor Set
5 in 1 Reflector and stands (Silver,Black,Gold,White, Translucent)
18in High Velocity Air Circulator (Chrome Fan 3 Speed)
Lighting Equipment 4 Hours 8 Hours
Elinchrom Rotalux Softbox 130 * 50 20 30
Elinchrom Rotalux Octagonal Softbox 135cm 20 30
Elinchrom 70cm Silver Beauty Dish 20 30
Camera Equipment 4 Hours 8 Hours
Canon 5D Mark 2 Camera 100 150
Canon 24-70mm f2.8L Lens 35 50

All prices are in £’s (No VAT charged) and are all subject to a damage deposit payment.

** (low rates here for the lighting equipment kit apply to our published small stills rates shown on the bookings and charges page only)