Tom Pellereau (The Apprentice Winner) for OK! Magazine

The photographer from OK! Magazine said “the views of the Thames were amazing and I got the images that I needed and I was very happy with the end result”.

Stuart from Altostratus said…. What I liked most about having Tom Pellereau and OK! Magazine here on a shoot was how professional and efficient the crew were.

The images are truly sensational and there is a certain energy in them that I have not seen elsewhere.

They have brilliantly captured Tom and Sarah’s uplifting energy and personalities. You have to give plaudits for the way that both the interview and images bring this out to perfection.

My favourite image is the top one on the terrace as they look like a classic Hollywood couple from years gone by. Exceptional.

Which of the images of Tom and Sarah were your favourites? Let us know your favourites in the comments box below.