Sam Trickett the UK Poker Star shoots exclusively for WPT Magazine

I’d worked with Sam a year before, and knew he was pretty easy going, but I also knew that like most Poker players he’s not a natural model (who is?) and is much happier being given something to do in front of camera, and a role to play, rather than being asked to simply pose.

To this end, shooting at Altostratus was a godsend. Sam was very willing to step into the role of the Bachelor in his swanky penthouse apartment, swanning about on the balcony, and lounging around on the furniture, making himself very much at home.

The venue was in superb condition, and although we were unfortunate to be shooting on a foggy day, we were still able to make use of the balcony to add even more depth and range to the shots. The finished feature looks great, and I know both the magazine and his sponsors were very happy with the results. I shall definitely be booking Altostratus again in the near future for more work.

Tom Miles

WPT (World Poker Tour) Magazine

Stuart from Altostratus said. Four characters on his shoot that are all incredibly interesting.

1. Sam Tickett a star UK poker player who has won 6 million pounds this year.

2. Tom Miles a globe trotting photographer.

3. Jon Young and John Williams (Art Director) from Players Publishing (World Poker Tour Magazine)

Anyway Sam Trickett turns up with a brand new £4K Tom Ford suit still in the bag and the shoot begins.

Tom Miles the photographer is a total pro and has much more skills than just producing amazing images. Its no surprise he is so in demand.

In the background Jon Young and John Williams from Players Publishing control the show.

There are some cool cats in the penthouse today and its always good to work with people that don’t and wont take second best.

My favourite image of Sam is the one of the cactus blurry in the foreground as to me shows his sharp side in terms of his Poker winning ability.

Great shoot and very interesting people indeed.