The Fonejacker exclusively uses the Altostratus Penthouse for the Christmas Special

Altostratus said. When you know The Fonejacker is coming to visit you don’t really know what to expect. Is my phone plugged in was my first thought?

Although the penthouse is 29 floors up that was not enough for Hat Trick Productions who build a higher stand with his trademark telephone on the roof terrace complete with a snow machine.

But that was just the start of it. I work in the office during shoots and all of a sudden there was a loud knock on the office door from the terrace outside and I look up to see someone with a red and white baraclava and scarf and sunglasses.

Anyway it was the Fonejacker coming in for a chat. (He was hungry and needed some of his special cheese that he lives on)

Anyway then he warmed up for his filming here with an impromptu rapping and singing session which was hilarious.

All the production team were having a good time as well as getting the job done.

A one off production from Hat Trick and a perfect performance from The Fonejacker at the Altostratus Penthouse.