Elisa (Famous Italian Pop Star) and Universal Music record Stay at the Altostratus Penthouse

“Stay” is the first track from Elisa’s album Soundtrack ’96-’06 , it was the third single from the album and the first single from the international album Caterpillar , released in Italy, Switzerland and Holland. Stay was released only download in Italy.

Altostratus said…What I liked about the Elisa video was the production crew working at the penthouse.

They had a massive amount of expertise and were approachable and easy to get along with.

One memorable part of the shoot was that Elisa flew over from Italy on Ryanair to film at the penthouse which is quite amusing considering she is a globe trotting music superstar.

The city views in the video from the lounge and terrace are stunning and the director Joe Tunmer made use all all areas of the penthouse to create a music video for Elisa that demands respect.

Its no surprise at all that big clients such as Clifford Chance and BNP Paribas have taken up his services.