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The Sensational “Lucy Zara” @ The Altostratus Penthouse (18+)


” We had the pleasure of shooting some images recently at the Altostratus Penthouse for Playboy TV & UK Glamour Model Lucy-Zara, this was our first visit to this fantastic location & we found it to be ideal for our … Continue reading

Amber Bowles at Altostratus Penthouse (18+)


The shoot was a glamour shoot for Girl Management glamour agency to go towards signed model Amber Bowles’ portfolio and also for possible publication and sale at a later date. Thoughts on Penthouse Been using the penthouse every now and … Continue reading

How to Make Money from your Home or Business Premises as a Photo/Film Shoot Location.


Are you or your business looking for extra income? We think that your home or business premises could be perfect for paid photographic and filming shoots. Your location could be exactly what’s needed for the next photo-shoot, film, celebrity interview … Continue reading

Pro-Photographer shoots in one of his favourite locations – Altostratus


Back in March I took the opportunity to shoot at Altostratus for the 5th time, and as always it was a very satisfying creative experience, and a very pleasant way to spend a Spring afternoon. A friend had asked me … Continue reading

Luisa Zissman (Apprentice/Big Brother) at Altostratus Penthouse for Zoo Magazine


Luisa Zissman (Celebrity Big Brother/The Apprentice) shoots for Zoo Magazine. Book your next shoot at the Altostratus Penthouse or at one of our other stunning locations. Come on in, the water’s just right Images below / Copy to Follow.

Hollywood’s Emmett Scanlan for Gay Times Magazine


From Hollyoaks to Hollywood. Emmett Scanlan for GT Magazine Photographer Joe McCormick Book your next shoot at the Altostratus Penthouse or at one of our other stunning locations. Come on in, the water’s just right

Adi Dewey studio day/group shoot at the Altostratus Penthouse


Adi Dewey called me to discuss one of his in demand group tuition days at the Altostratus Penthouse. Adi is a highly respected and published photographer with Vogue Italia being one of his previous clients on a number of occasions. … Continue reading

Claire Richards (Page 3 Star) shoots at Altostratus Penthouse.


Joseph McCormick shoots Samantha Bond Model and Page 3 Star Clare Richards. Continue reading

Keith Lemon helicopters in to shoot exclusively at Altostratus Penthouse


Keith Lemon’s girlfriend begins to have second thoughts about moving in with him. Exclusive footage shot at Altostratus Penthouse for “Lemon La Vida Loca”. Continue reading

Tinie Tempah films at the Altostratus Penthouse exclusively for Lucozade


But also they showed just how powerful his energy actually is by bringing in his massive enthusiasm for London and for everything he is involved in. A real star and I am sure Lucozade will be absolutely thrilled by the video. Continue reading