SFD (UK’s Top Retail Designer) shoots at Altostratus with photographer Garry Samuels

SFD is the UK’s leading creator of inspired retail environments & mannequin suppliers and as part of a massive presentation to a major high street department store, we decided to include a photoshoot of specially selected mannequins within the pitch.

Wanting to create a fresh new approach to how mannequins are photographed meant finding an exciting, versatile location was key. With stunning 360 degree views and rooms flooded with daylight, the Altostratus Penthouse more than fitted the bill.

The minimal, white interiors provided SFD with a great back drop to the colourful party scenes we wanted to create. The layout meant we could shoot in one room whilst the next scenario was being set up in another.

By using every room available SFD were able to achieve a range of moods from intimate bedroom scenes to decadent party shots. Shooting from the balcony looking in to the penthouse enabled us to create a unique outsiders view.

The exterior space gave us the opportunity to get some stunning twilight shots with Canary Wharf as a backdrop, a great context for SFD’s range of concrete finish mannequins.

The finished results were amazing and went down a storm at the presentation, so all in all, the Altostratus Penthouse was a great find.



Garry Samuels the photographer obviously thrilled his clients with an amazing set of images. Gary Samuels can be reached at www.get-shot.co.uk

Altostratus said.. When I heard SFD who are the UKs top retail designer were bringing 20 top of the range retail mannequins to the shoot at the penthouse I though this was going to be very interesting.

I just did not realise how life like they would be. I was in one of the bedrooms in the penthouse and it was just like having a beautiful young lady in the room, looking like the stars, dressed to perfection and incredibly realistic. In fact so real I did actually notice my mannerisms had changed.

She had perfect make up and a flattering choice of clothing and accessories to sparkle at the penthouse party she was attending that night.

The retail industry is expecially cut throat ( I have experienced it) and you need somthing to rise above the others which this production did in abundance.

The images and the end result is quite simply unique and mesmerizing and very powerful.

Their team and photographer were incredibly knowledgeable and hard working and they deserve plaudits from the results.

My favourite image is the top one of the young lady with blonde hair with the sparkling lights of Canary Wharf in the background. A Simply irresistible and mesmerizing.