Tom Clancy’s “End War” commercial by Director Karel Van Bellingen shot at Altostratus Penthouse

Film Director Karel van Bellingen films test commercial for Ubisoft’s Tom Clancys End War 2011.

All trademarked brands, graphics and logos are used with kind permission of Sony Computer Entertainment and Ubisoft Entertainment SA.

Altostratus said…Karel has an expert understanding of filming and cutting edge special effects as shown by the explosions in the video and is very well connected in the film industry. He is very easy to work with.

One thing I did notice also whilst he was filming the commercial at Altostratus Penthouse was that everything in the production was of the highest order from the equipment and cameras he used to the film crew so he demands the very best in everything throughout his work in terms of the equipment and the staff he uses.

I loved the way he created a war scene from the skyline of Canary Wharf and thats something that was very visually exciting and left you wanting more at the edge of your seat.